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I don't need anyone.

I will not try to make things better on you until you come back down to Earth and get over the fact that I am not your fucking property.
I am not yours, not in any way. You may be one of the reasons I'm here, but you're also the only reason I'm not. Your little methods of self-persuasion have brought you far. You've come a long way, but sadly, the dead end you're approaching is the point where I will stop supporting you. I will start rejecting you, as you're doing nothing but destroying yourself. And I will lead you into the abyss.

I will linger around you, simply to not hurt you. I will speak to you, simply to make you believe that everything is still normal. I will do what you ask of me, simply to demonstrate that what you're doing is right. To make you keep up your way of destroying yourself. I can't wait for this process to terminate.
But until this very moment, I will linger. And every moment of this seemingly infinite spand of time, my eyes will search your body for even the slightest signs of weakness. My words will soothe you with fake comfort when you're standing by the edge and about to tip over.
I will give you the final push, and I will enjoy every instant of it.
But until then I will remain an empty shell, haunting this place like a ghost, desperately seeking freedom. And maybe not even knowing that he's been long dead.
7.1.09 01:18


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